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Israel Victory Project Conference - Israel 2019: Moving From Concessions to Victory
9:00 am
Kfar Hamaccabia, Perets Bernstein St 7, Ramat Gan

Do you want to see an end to rockets on our towns and cities, endless meaningless ceasefires and the handing over of protection money to Hamas? How does Israel prevent terrorist attacks and Palestinian Rejectionism? 

An overwhelming majority of the Israeli public, the IDF Chief of Staff and politicians from across the political spectrum have called for a stronger approach towards Hamas and Israel's enemies, including inflicting a total defeat so they won’t be able to threaten in the future. 

The Israel Victory Project believe it is time to discuss these issues intellectually and thoroughly especially in light of the focus on issues and policies in the lead up to elections. We will host a unique event where Israel’s approach to Hamas and its other enemies will be discussed with leading decision-makers and opinion-shapers.

Representatives from the fields of politics, military and security and academia will discuss what Israel’s options are to defeat Hamas, end the conflict and return our military deterrence.


Come to our event in Kfar Hamaccabia on September 8th to hear leading candidates of the major political parties, military and security experts and academics describe how they will push towards an Israeli victory over our enemies and end the conflict.


Kfar Hamaccabia, September 8th, 9:00-14:00. 


The Middle East Forum’s Israel Victory Project, created in 2016, represents a paradigmatic shift away from the unsuccessful Oslo Process, with its compromises and concessions, until the Palestinian side accepts the reality of the State of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish People, and ends its over 100 year war against this concept. 

It is a grassroots movement that calls on Israel to adopt a policy of victory over those seeking to destroy her, and gain support for such a policy from the United States, and ultimately the international community.

The Israel Victory Project has the support of politicians, diplomats, security officials, academics, grassroots organizations and other opinion-shapers, as well as members of the general public. Three polls conducted over the last three years demonstrate that IVP has the overwhelming support of the Israeli people from across the political spectrum.




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